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Welcome to Donovan Loucks’ Gaming Page

No, I don’t mean computer games! In this day when you tell folks that your hobbies include gaming they immediately think of computer games. Well, I’m far more interested in having a human opponent and the tactile feedback of dice, pawns, and cards.

Hacker Review
My review of the Steve Jackson game that was published in Peter Sarrett’s “The Game Report”.
The Game Game
The home page for my card game that is currently undergoing playtest in Phoenix, Arizona and South Africa! NOTE: A password is required to enter this page.
Board and Card Games
Gaming resources, board games, war games, card games, dice games, and even places to purchase games from.
Roleplaying Games
I’m not a role-player anymore, but there are still some systems out there I can appreciate.
Computer Games
Okay, so there are a few computer games that I play. But only the best!
Game Companies
Numerous game companies have a web presence.
Game Designers
There are even a few game designers out there on the web!
Game Design Articles
Some of those designers have written articles on what games are and how they’re designed.

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