Computer Games

In one sense, most computer games aren’t games because they don’t involve competition between two or more players—they’re played solitaire. For this reason, I’m somewhat prejudiced against them. Nonetheless, there are a few computer games that even I enjoy, including a few that can be played on a LAN.

I really can’t complain too much about a computer game that can’t be played alone.
Digital Nostalgia (Marc Sakey)
A page where you can download classic arcade games.
Games Domain (Dave Stanworth)
A great repository of information primarily relating to computer games. The “Direct Download” section lets you get games now.
INFOCOM (Peter Scheyen)
An unofficial site that pays homage to that once-great line of text adventures.
NASCAR Racing (Papyrus)
A fantastic simulation, by the makers of Indy Car II.

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