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  • The Beer & Pretzels Game List (Doug Stein & Rich Shipley)
    Ratings of "B&P" games, including information such as the number of players, how long they take to play, format (card, board, and so on), and genre.
  • Collectible Board Games (Bob Finn)
  • The Game Cabinet (Ken Tidwell)
    Although mostly English translations of European game rules, this page also has reviews and information on games more available in The States.
  • The Game Report Online (Peter Sarrett)
    I'm both a subscriber and a contributor to this great quarterly publication.
  • The Game Room (Val Kartchner)
    Rules and information on many "parlor" games, many of them traditional or in the public domain.
  • Museum and Archive of Games (University of Waterloo)
    The museum contains nearly 5000 objects associated with games and the archive houses some 2,000 printed items concerning games and game playing behaviour.

Board Games

  • Monopoly Home Page (Tonka Corporation)
    This is the place! Full of shameless self-promotion and some of the neatest stuff relating to the classic game!
  • Monopoly Rules (Ken Koury)
    The complete rules to the Parker Brothers game. I don't know if it's legal for Ken to display them, but it's legal for me to point to them.
  • Roborally FAQ (Val Kartchner)
    Val has created a FAQ for this clever game, and has included my RoboDerby variant.
  • Search the gaming newsgroups via Dejanews:
    Using the:

War Games

Card Games

  • Bone Games (Bruce Biskup & Joshua Howard)
    These guys have created some great games that they should really consider selling. Instead, they're giving them away for free!
  • Card Games (John McLeod)

Dice Games

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Dead Links

  • Big Mac's Auto Racing (McGartlin Motorsport Design)
    Designed to support their auto racing card game, this page also has links to other racing resources.

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