What I Believe

This page summarizes my beliefs on many different topics. I suspect it will generate quite a bit of mail for me. Note that I may be unable (or unwilling) to respond to such mail. You'll increase your chances of receiving a reply if your message is civil and unoffensive. Thanks!


Consider this: abortion is the only form of birth control--everything else is conception control. There are far too many forms of conception control to make abortion necessary. Most people in favor of abortion argue about when the fetus is considered a human being. I would argue that we don't know, so why should we take the chance? My concern is not when the fetus is human, but when it is imbued with a soul. Some say that abortion is the solution to over-population. If over-population were 10 times worse would these same people recommend executing young children in addition to fetuses? (see Religion)

Animal Rights

They're animals, not humans. They don't have rights. If animal rights activists had their way, adult animals would have more rights than unborn humans. If animals had their way, they'd eat us. NOTE: Cows is tasty...


When was the last time you heard someone say this: "I was at the end of my rope. My wife had left me, my children were hit by a bus, and I got fired from my job. I started drinking, got into drugs, and hit the bottom of the barrel. Then I discovered atheism and my life has turned around completely!" Atheism only offers benefits to those arrogant, prideful people who think they have arrived at a logical conclusion to the religion issue. (see Religion)

Capital Punishment

Many feel that "justice was done" when a murderer is sent to his death. They have the "eye for an eye" attitude that by somehow putting a killer to death something has been set straight. Capital punishment isn't about justice or vengeance. It's about deterrence. Not to mention the fact that it halts the possibility of a repeat offense...


Corporations exist for one reason and one reason only: to make money for their stockholders. Many believe that corporations are evil, nameless, faceless organizations that treat their employees badly. Open up the newspaper and look at the stock page--there are thousands of corporations that you can be a member of.


Driving is a privilege and a responsibility, not a right. In the United States, driving requires a license, and when you sign for that license you agree to abide by the rules that govern driving in your state. If you cannot abide by these rules, don't drive. Breaking the rules of the road indicates to your fellow drivers that you think you're more important than they are, and that you don't need to follow the agreed-upon rules. If you don't like the rules, try to change them--but don't break them.



You might think that my concerns against evolution center around my religious beliefs. They do not. My complaint against evolution is that it is unscientific. Science depends upon observable and repeatable phenomenon. We cannot observe and are unable to repeat evolution in the laboratory. Evolution hinges on two concepts: natural adaptation and beneficial genetic mutation. We know that the former occurs, because we use it to create different breeds of dogs and flowers. However, this only demonstrates the diversity in a species; it requires something more for actual speciation to occur. For that to happen, we would have to see examples of genetic mutations that benefited an organism. The likelihood of this occurring is roughly equal to the chance that changing a random letter in a computer program would improve its performance.


Gun Control

When invading forces conquer another nation one of their first orders of business is to disarm the populace. This avoids the possibility of revolution by the conquered. When our forefathers founded this nation they wanted to make certain that the citizens had arms so that they could both defend themselves against Britain and to "institute a new government" if their current "government becomes destructive". By taking away our arms, the government abridges our right "to alter or to abolish it". When the government outlaws guns, only the government will have guns... If you haven't read the Declaration of Independence lately perhaps it's time to browse it again.


Minimum Wage

Nuclear Weapons




"And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment..." -- Hebrews 9:27


"There can be no compromise on basic principles or on fundamental issues. What would you regard as a 'compromise' between life and death? Or between truth and falsehood? Or between reason and irrationality?" -- Ayn Rand


Social Security



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