Microsoft FoxPro

I really don't use FoxPro much anymore, so this page may be
grossly outdated and no longer useful. That's fine by me.
Colin's FoxPro Page (Colin Keeler)
Links to many FoxPro resources on the web.
FoxPage (Boston Microcomputer Consulting)
FoxPro 2.6 Datasheet (Microsoft)
Information on FoxPro's capabilities; includes a few screen shots.
The FoxPro I/O Address
Inside Visual FoxPro (The Cobb Group)
Besides having information on this Cobb Group publication, a few articles from back issues are provided.
Jason's FoxPro Utilities (Jason Landry)
Jason has written some add-ins for use with Ken Levy's GENSCRNX, including 3DCTRL, which gives checkboxes and radio buttons three-dimensional effects.
Support Online from Microsoft Technical Support (Microsoft)
Problems in FoxPro? Look it up in the Knowledge Base.
SBT's Web Site for Computerized Accounting (SBT)
Makers of the FoxPro-based accounting package.
Visual FoxPro Yellow Pages (Fournier Transformation)

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